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Together with Fujifilm we created the PHOTO PROMOTOR app that transforms your mobile device into a professional event camera. Connect this app to our SHARE printer and get the best of 3 worlds: instant print, collect consumer data and share on social media.

Share Printer

‘Powerful, small size, wireless printer.’


+ Prints instax photos
+ Integrated WIFI connection to connect with any device
+ Maximum distance of 30m between printer and device
+ Prints in 5 seconds!
+ Easy reprint
+ Last for 200 shots on one battery run

Photopromotor App

‘Transforms your mobile device into a professional event camera and survey tool in one.’


+ Free download in the Google Play store
+ Integrated briefing start page for your promo team
+ Easy connect the ‘SHARE’ printer to this app
+ Connects multiple devices to 1 cloudserver
+ Real time upload of all data
+ Integrated survey to collect customer data
+ Generates unique inprinted Photofinder code, to find your picture instantly

Download our Photopromotor app below

Photofinder Webtool

‘Searching & Sharing has never been that easy.’


+ Connect this ‘photo-search-engine-tool’ easily to your webpage
+ Fill in the code and get your photo instantly (real time)
+ Facebook button to share your photo

Use the code: 0320 095 027 to test how the Photofinder works


How it works

Photoflyer Instant Promo-kit

Get started right away with this do it yourself kit! Our handy instruction video will teach you how to operate the instant camera within minutes. The Photoflyers will be ready in a flash thanks to our easy-use folding system®. Quick and easy to implement in your events. Anytime and anywhere, to maximize your 1-on-1 contact with your target group.

Photoflyer Instant Promo-kit includes:

+ Photoflyers (branded sticker frames)
+ Instax film
+ Instax camera
+ Free concepting
+ Design support & DTP check
+ Photoflyer promo bag
+ Instruction video

Optional additions:

+ Huawei phone with Leica camera
+ Photoflyer design by our design studio

We realise any conversion

With our expertise we help you to realise the best conversions as possible!
From tear-o coupons, magnets, incentives, contests, to barcode and QR integration. Everything’s possible, and the only thing that matters to us is getting the best possible result.


Will never been thrown away.


Share analogue Photoflyer online with unique #


Use tear-off coupon for direct discount.


Use the unique webshop discount code or add a QR code.


Shazam your Photoflyer.

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